Summer Inspiration: Graduation

Hello my loves,

I am so excited about today’s blog post! I am happy and proud to announce that I have gotten my exam results and am going to graduate with First Class Honors in my BSc Psychology degree! ๐Ÿ™‚

This excitement is the perfect motivation for summer party planning. The past few days have all been about the dress, the shoes and the celebrations.


Planning a graduation party or any party alike can be exciting but a little daunting and overwhelming at times. Expectations are high and you want everything to look perfect down to the tiniest details. I thought that for today’s blog post, I would break down the process of how I have and am planning my upcoming graduation and party, to show that this does not have to be a daunting experience. You should enjoy it and let your creativity and personality shine through. The team at Paperless Post, suggested that creating a mood board would be a fantastic way to get my ideas together for a clear vision whilst party planning. Paperless Post is a fantastic innovative company that specialize in creating invitations and stationary that reflect an individual’s aesthetic through online and offline communication. They have designed invitations and stationary for the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang (YES!!), and Kate Spade. Further down below I have provided a little more information on what they do and how they might be able to help you.


Step 1: Pick a theme

This is where your party is going to based around. It will also be the decider for your location and decorations. In my case, it is my graduation, but it can be anything personal to you, from an upcoming wedding, baby shower, a backyard birthday, or even a casual BBQ! Since the theme of your party is a big decider of the location of the party, be sure to find a venue or location that matches the theme well to create a flowing and genuine experience. I can’t even recall the number of times I’ve watched the programme Four Weddings, where the theme of the wedding did not match the venue – buzz-kill…

mood board 1

Step 2: Pick a location

As I mentioned, the theme needs to flow seamlessly into the location. My advice, make it personal. If the theme and location matches your personality and who you are, it is a recipe for a great time. Don’t force yourself to create a party that is so opposite to what you stand for. For me, graduation was a little bit of a complicated one for location. My actual graduation will of course be taking place in London, where my family will join me, and I think (and hope) we will be having a low key celebration together. I think the day of the actual graduation is a time for being with the ones you love the most. My family has supported my unconditionally my whole life, and I cannot think of anyone else I’d rather spend this day with than them. The graduation ceremony will commence at 3PM at a Church near by the University (this is a first for me…) hehehe the Jews in a Church ๐Ÿ™‚ Following on from this, there will be a canape and drinks event on the University lawn.


Regent’s is a peculiar university, it is small, private, and very secluded from other universities in the country. They are known for their lavish parties (on their well kept lawns and gardens…) and allure a high level of elegance. For me this already sets the mood for what the party at the University is going to be like, and is also a key factor in deciding the dress. You can’t rock up to a classy event in a mini dress and bra showing… no no (not ever please…)

My actual celebration for my graduation will be held here in Spain. Again, low key, just family and friends together, at the place that I love the most: the beach. We are fortunate enough to have an exquisite home on the beach, and every time I go there, I feel as though I am in paradise. I couldn’t image having a party at a better place.


dun dun duuuuun, ok. This step will of course be skipped by men, and isn’t a main requirement for all parties, but, for me it is a key aspect in deciding what the party is going to be like. I have FINALLY found the most perfect graduation dress, and also a full length gown for the Graduation Gala Ceremony a few days later. Now… I obviously can’t reveal yet what they look like, because that will spoil the surprise. I can however reveal that they are both Royal Blue, and a freaky coincidence that they both ended up being the same color. The gown in the mood board that I have created is a pretty close representation of what my full length dress looks like. Royal Blue and beaded mesh ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope you are all catching on to this blue theme that I have going on ๐Ÿ˜‰ dress, beach etc


Step 4: Guests and Invitations

As I’ve mentioned, I will be having a low key event with family, friends and loved ones. These are the people I love and cherish the most, and are the ones that I want to have with me to celebrate this new chapter of my life. Be sure to give your guests plenty of time’s notice. This will ensure that you get the maximum number of people showing up. Be sure to invite them in an original way. Ensure that your invitation is original, intriguing, exciting, yet informative. There are two ways you can invite your guests: either through paper invitations, or online invitations. Depending on the event, you may have to choose accordingly.ย  A fantastic way to cover both bases would be through a company like Paperless Post. They specialize in creating invitations and stationary custom to your individual style aesthetic and event, allowing you to seamlessly invite people through online technology as well as offline. The invitation show represent who you are as a person, as well as reflecting on the theme of the party.

mood board 2

43d344301f78e55660c8e31c3eafe8b948410192_1392162749As you can see, I made 2 mood boards to help me with party planning. The first one being for my actual graduation ceremony and Gala event in London, and the second for my low key beach party. Although both are based on a blue color scheme, the invitations to each party would be complete polar opposite. For the actual graduation ceremony I envision an invitation that is based on the colors of dress and accessories: Royal Blue and Gold. I envision something classy and timeless, clean lines, scripted writing, and oozing elegance, and on top of that, a little sparkle and glitter (I’m getting a little carried away with my thoughts here ๐Ÿ™‚ ) you catch my drift. You need sparkle though, keep that one ๐Ÿ™‚ it wouldn’t be me otherwise. I absolutely adore the writing on this card.

b6b42607e1586e4880eeeb9bd74eddb2On the contrary, my beach party theme is focused on the colors light blue and white. Still a crisp and clean invitation, but more relaxed. On my mood board you can see the items that I was inspired by. The image of the beach is the actual location of my home, where I envision the party to be (with my lovely footprints below ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I love the idea of sea shells and stars, white flowers, hints of turquoise and light blue. I think it is important to take into account your decor when thinking of invitations. For a beach party it would be strange to send out an invitation with pink balloons on it, it sends out the wrong message. Make sure people understand what the theme is, so they know what to expect.

Have a look at this stunning nautical design from Paperless Post for Kate Spade New York. How beautiful is this!


Step 5: Enjoy your party!

Pop open that bottle of champagne, sit with your family and loved ones, and enjoy yourself. The best recipe for creating a success party is to just breathe and enjoy the people around you.

If you do want any advice or more tips specific to your event, feel free to post below and I will do my best to help you, if not, I’m sure many of my readers would be able to help out ๐Ÿ™‚

I should most likely go to sleep now… I’ve already started picking out my wedding invitations by now from Paperless Post. They had me at Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta. What more does a girl want?! (wait, perhaps a man?)

XO Kim

This post was in no way sponsored. All the views expressed above are my own. I am not being paid for my opinion or when mentioning a brand. I only endorse products I truly believe in and which I believe can be of value to my readers.

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