Update: Acupunture, Meal Plans & Healthy Eating

Hey guys!

I know that it has been a while since my last proper written post, but here I am! I wanted to do a little update on what’s been going on lately, and the things that are planned for the future.

Firstly, a little update what has been going on health wise. The reason why I haven’t been uploading many things lately, quite frankly has been because I can’t. As I mentioned before, the issue with my hands and wrists has become a lot worse, and the terrible rainy Dutch weather hasn’t been helping! However, last week I went to see an MD + acupuncturist to see if she maybe had some ideas on what to do and how to manage with the pain. I was skeptical about acupuncture and wasn’t too convinced that I would see results, but hey, when you are desperate, you will try just about anything.


So I went to see this doctor, and within a few minutes she had me figured out pretty quickly (scary!!). I’ll try to explain what she said without it sounding too airy-fairy. But it came down to the fact that she believes I don’t have enough energy in my body. As a result of that, the problematic areas like my hands, feet and knees can’t heal. For the past few years I’ve been pushing myself through the pain and taking on higher stress levels than needed, putting a huge amount of stress on my vital organs. She said that if I don’t unwind and take some time off, I will have serious organ problems and perhaps failure. Sleep is a major factor that I need to start focusing on. Additionally, she said that diet can make a huge difference in your energy levels.

As some of you probably know… I have a sweet-tooth. And once you start eating lots of sweet foods, your body wants more and more. Creating a vicious, evil, sweet-craving addiction cycle that is never ending! Dun, dun, duuun. Yep, that is pretty much what my body is doing. In order to create healthy energy (rather than artificial energy from sugar and coffee), I have to maintain a well-balanced diet, and most importantly…. eat less. This pretty much matches up what my MD in Spain said, by staying under 1200 calories. The struggle…

Anyways. She decided to stick a few needles in me already, only 4, to see if I would actually react to it. Let me tell you this.. I didn’t believe in acupuncture, and she knew it. That evening, I went out for dinner and after I was completely drained. I had bags under my eyes, and it looked like I had been crying for 2 hours straight. I went to bed early, around 10:30ish, woke up the next morning at 11, was up for a few hours to eat something, went for a nap at 4, woke up at 7:30…. right.. I never sleep this much, and it doesn’t stop there. Next day, same thing. I had pretty much been bombed out for 2 days straight, just sleeping. After however, I felt much better! I guess I have to admit that the needles did actually do something…

Tomorrow I have another session, where she will be using more needles. Let’s see what this does! Fortunately the weather has been pretty amazing the past few days, finally allowing me to actually do something again. After my 2 day beauty sleep, I realized quite a few things and found some inner motivation again. It is time to start living healthy, be productive and motivated and try to bring myself into a better state of mind and physical state of well-being.

Although I haven’t been able to type out all of my ideas yet, a lot has been spinning in my head. I want to create meal-plans for a week, that stay under 1200 calories a day. In addition to that, I’d like to share what exercises I have been doing, and how I plan on building it up. It will start with more low intensity exercises and walking until the acupuncture (I HOPE!) will take away some of the pain. Then I will be able to build up exercises more quickly. Please do join me!

For now, I am currently noting down everything I eat and calculating the calories through an app, and I will be sharing my ideas when I am done. I think I might trial it out for a week in order to create a well-balanced and variety of dishes that can be made throughout the week. All the dishes will be low-fat, low-calorie dishes (most, if not all, will be gluten and lactose free), and will be easy to prepare in a short amount of time. Students, parents, we are all on the go, busy with our lives, and don’t have time to slave away for hours in the kitchen. I hope my recipes will provide you with inspiration, motivation and a sense that clean eating does not need to be boring and monotonous.

I look forward to sharing it all soon!


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