Welcome to Love, Live, Life by Kim.

I started this blog to help others, and myself, to be inspired to live a healthier and happier style of life. I hope to help people stay motivated during their highs and lows, and helping to guide them to a healthier life with recipes and tips.

I have struggled with weight for so many years, and never felt motivated to exercise and change my diet. As a result of recent health tests, I have to stay on a 1200 calorie diet most likely for the rest of my life, and always watch what I eat. I want to show that eating healthy and a low calorie diet does not need to be boring.

A lot of the recipes I provide will be gluten and lactose free. Both my sister and dad have coeliac disease and are lactose intolerant, and therefore we have become so used to adapting our recipes to their needs. Personally I do eat gluten (and will provide recipes for that), however, I am lactose intolerant. Although this sounds constricting, it’s not that bad actually. Luckily there are many substitutes that can be used and I will try to show ways in which to adapt recipes to specific dietary requirements.

I’m a passionate photoDSC_2070 copygrapher, love to cook, Psychology graduate. Currently based in London. Half Dutch, half German.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, advice, interesting articles, your own personal stories and journeys, or any other general comments!

Email: lovelivelifebykim@gmail.com







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