Hi my loves,

I honestly cannot contain my current excitement. Today my blog celebrates it’s one year anniversary!


I cannot believe that it has been this long already. It has been the most incredible journey so far. With this, I want to thank all my readers, family and friends for their continuous love and support and for keeping me motivated throughout this journey. Blogging has become almost an extension of my life and thoughts. It has been a method for me to express myself on different levels, push myself creatively, and develop new relationships with many of my readers. It has helped me through the ups and downs of life, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, and of course, the thick and thin (literally and metaphorically 😉 ).

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No Place I’d Rather Be…

Hey my dears,

I know it seems like I jumped ship after dropping such a big bomb on you guys in my last blog post, but I assure you that is not the case! First and foremost I have to thank you all for the incredible support and kind messages that I have received. I have been absolutely overwhelmed and moved by them. To know that there are so many people out there that care for me is truly heart warming, and I will be eternally grateful for your support.

I am also glad, and in a way proud to know that some of you guys have been coming to me with your own stories. Now, by no means am I glad to hear these stories, don’t take me wrong, but I am glad that you found the strength to reach out and share something like that with me. To be completely honest, I was taken back a little by the amount of people, including close friends, to whom something similar happened. It made me angry. How is it possible that in the society which we live in, that this has become such a common phenomena? It’s just not right!

I hope that with the platform that I have with this blog, I am able to reach out and help others going through something similar, or anything else. To show them that life goes on, and it will only make you stronger. We are not ‘victims’, we are not ‘survivors’, we are just strong human beings that do not need or want to be labeled as anything else. Show them what you are made of. Success is the best revenge.

Onto a more happy note, I GRADUATED 🙂


Ah, it was so beautiful, and it still hasn’t completely sunk in yet to be honest! After getting all dressed up (my dress is from Pedro del Hierro), I made my way to the university to get all gowned up before heading to the ceremony. It just looked so amazing and official 🙂 I was completely overwhelmed when I found out that I wasn’t just graduating with First Class Honors as the only one in my class, but on top of that, I won the Undergraduate Student Achievement Award! It was just crazy! I was caught completely off guard, and I still can’t believe it yet.


It was an amazing day on the gorgeous Regent’s University lawns. Champagne flowing, graduation caps flying. It was beautiful. On top of that, it was amazing having my family with me in London to enjoy this unique moment.

I will be back in Holland soon, and I will have more time for cooking and blogging. Will update you all soon!

XO Kim

11665436_10203715811689681_8456889463958197239_n 11412074_10154052287409937_8018896801515080807_o

11728978_10154052287959937_5934941930486360982_o 11699006_10154052286229937_7466268192250714692_o 11728886_10154052286549937_1308424810414581257_o

Summer Inspiration: Graduation

Hello my loves,

I am so excited about today’s blog post! I am happy and proud to announce that I have gotten my exam results and am going to graduate with First Class Honors in my BSc Psychology degree! 🙂

This excitement is the perfect motivation for summer party planning. The past few days have all been about the dress, the shoes and the celebrations.


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Back in Spain

Hello my loves,

I have just arrived in sunny Spain, still need a few days to settle in before I can get cracking with my blog again. It’s been a hectic few weeks!

Firstly, I did take the plunge to chop my hair off! I like it, but I already miss my long hair 😦 (knew this would happen). The pictures were taken in the Salon when my hair was completely straight. As my hair is naturally curly, its actually a lot shorter than it is on the pictures. I will upload a better picture of what it looks like now soon. 11209740_10153870160749937_4054216127951199655_n

11062074_10153870160639937_5237331477236551727_n11201149_10153870158434937_5507456450678921264_oOther than that, I am glad to be home. University was absolutely hectic, but I have now completely finished my bachelor degree, still waiting for my results, and if all goes well I will be graduating in July 🙂 I have also had some amazing Master degree offers, one of which I will be accepting very soon. More updates and posts will follow very soon after I catch up on some much needed sleep and family time 🙂

Hope you are all doing well!

Lots of love

XO Kim

Im Baaaackkk (sort of…)

Hello my dears!

Yes, I am still alive! (more or less), it has been an absolutely hectic time lately. As I had previously mentioned, I’m in my final year of University, and had been working hard to finish all my deadlines and submit my dissertation. I have finally finished everything! Except one exam in around a week time, dun dun duuuuuun. After that, I’ll be hopping on a plane to see my family in Spain 🙂


11150174_10153847114334937_5389142620356743059_n11062632_10153843781419937_7743385247010855669_n Quite a lot has happened since my last post, which I will all be elaborating on as soon as I am on holiday and have more time. For the meantime, I thought I’d share a few snapshots of things that have happened.

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Shall We Dance?

Hello my loves,

I’m so excited about today’s blog post! As I’ve previously mentioned, about 12 weeks ago I started a ballroom dancing course at Pineapple Dance Studios. I have the most fabulous teacher, Michael Litke, who with his professionalism and good humor has made this course an absolutely incredible experience.

My reasons for deciding on doing ballroom dancing are simple, yet complex. I guess to a certain extent you could say that I’ve been raised with a dancing background, my mom is a former ballet dancer and now owns and runs an incredible dance studio in Spain. Ballet was never my forte, and it will never be… it’s just not in me. I did however take jazz classes with pilates and participated in our bi-annual dance performance. Here I danced the Charleston, the chorus line, an adaptation from Hello Dolly, and Little Red Riding Hood. So the world of dance was sort of thrust upon me.


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I’m Still Alive!

Hey everybody,

I know I’ve been an absolutely terrible blogger lately and not uploading anything… I’m sorry!! Buuuut.. as I previously mentioned, I’m in my final two months of University (eeeek!) and working very hard on all of my deadlines.

Thankfully so far everything has been going incredibly well, and I’ve started applying to Universities for a Masters degree. I have already received one offer which I am incredibly proud of 🙂 fingers crossed for the others!

On that note, I do not have any big plans for summer except for seeing my family, so I plan to spend quite some time developing my blog and taking it to the next level. Additionally, I am working on a big secret project, which I cannot wait to reveal when it is completed!

I have a few exciting blog posts and ideas coming up soon (when I have to upload them..) one including a mega ballroom dancing post with the support of my wonderful teacher Michael Litke, view his website here. Ballroom has absolutely changed my life in a number of different ways, which I will be sharing with you soon. Additionally, my birthday is coming up (ahh… the big 23 already), and I’ve had a few ideas lined up for the food at my party. I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen soon to whip up some new ideas.

Finally, I’d like to wish all of my Jewish friends an incredible Passover. Chag sameach!

Lots of love,


Kim Wagner Photography

Hello my lovelies,

I am very excited about bringing you guys this news 🙂 I have just launched a new site exclusively for my photography. I will not be writing any blog posts on there, and Love, Live, Life will remain exactly how it is now.

I hope to have the images speak for themselves. I didn’t feel that some of the things I photograph link in well with my lifestyle blog, hence me wanting to create a new page.

I hope you all like it!

XO Kim

Kim Wagner Photography

photography blog

Let’s Get Sporty With Fanatics

Hello my lovelies,

This week I was up for challenging myself a little. I was inspired to create a ‘luxe sporty’ look with an NFL jersey from Fanatics Sports Apparel. A sports jersey is the perfect essential for creating a sport luxe look and should really be the base for your whole look. Personally, as I am Dutch, I don’t know much about the NFL and the SuperBowl, except for what entertainment there is going to be and what controversial commercials there have been. But, I did find this proposition really interesting to create a sporty look with a luxury feel to it. A lot of people feel uninspired or don’t know where to start when creating a look that is based on sports garments, but I hope to be able to give a few tips to you all.

Not all women want to be decked out in NFL gear with tracksuit bottoms, so I wanted to have a slightly more fashionable take on sports wear. I have previously worn a look with a sport jersey from Alexander Wang, which was a very relaxed look, but slightly more fashionable than your average sports wear. So inspired by this, I was happy to take on this new and exciting challenge!

Fanatics Look2As I mentioned, I don’t know much about the teams and the players… (Except for Tom Brady.. who doesn’t know who he is 😉 ) So as I browsed through the Fanatics website, my main goal was to find a jersey that I would wear regardless of the team. I looked at colour schemes and designs that I felt would be most flattering for women. I loved the look of this jersey not only because of its platinum colour, but because of the darker side panels that it features. As a woman with curves, the darker panels will slim you down, making the illusion of an hourglass figure.

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Come Dine With Me

Hola Hola!

I have had one busyyyy week! Going back to uni the first week is always hectic. Deadlines are set, meetings have to be made, societies need to be run… Trying to get back into the swing of things.

BUT, I do have some exciting things going on 🙂 I started Ballroom Dancing! Ah, it is so fabulous, it is amazing. I didn’t choose to do it as a workout routine, I actually wanted to learn the different dances, but after last class which included the Cha Cha, it really was a workout! Both my sister and I are doing it, at intermediate level at Pineapple Studios. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

10377348_10153599076109937_8403460643969273397_nThe next exciting item on the menu… i dyed my hair brown! I am so excited about this haha, every time I look in the mirror, it’s like a different person there. I’ve been dying my hair blonde for quite a few years now, as I felt that my naturally brunette color was too dark for my complexion. However, after a disastrous hair dye session in Spain… my hair turned orange… woop woop! I got so fed up with it, that I just decided to dye it back to dark, and I would just take things from there. Well… there result isn’t too shabby I think 🙂 Continue reading » » » »

Inspiration: Cesar Farias Sketches

10644944_893916690618697_6760632386163709926_nHello my lovelies,

I’m extremely happy and proud to introduce you guys to one of my best friends: Cesar. We were at University together in London, and he is now based in Mexico. He is an up and coming artist, who in my opinion, is going to go very far with his talent. Without having any formal training, he makes the most beautiful drawings.

1480772_898110280199338_2055856216959330156_nAs a surprise, Cesar had made several ballet inspired drawings which I had printed for my mom as a present. They now hang proudly and beautifully in her ballet studio here in Spain. The dance positions were inspired by the name of the studio L’Attitude, which refers to the ballet pose ‘attitude’.



I’m a sucker for monochrome and minimalistic design, which is evident by the amount of black that I wear, and the neutral color of my bedroom. I love simplistic design with symmetrical lines (my sister will concur on my OCD with this…) and I love the elegance of a room with white and black. Hence why I am hanging these sketches on my walls. They exude class and elegance, making them the perfect center piece for my walls.



If you would like to see more of his art, just head over to his Facebook page.

XO Kim


Relax, Take It Easy…

We had a little spa afternoon with le mother and le sister, before Tess goes back to London again this weekend. Sometimes we just need a girly afternoon together 🙂 Add a bottle of champagne, a bubble-bath, a face mask and some chocolate, and you have the perfect afternoon. What more does a woman need?



Snapchat-3273568676042191014copyThat is so going to get me a boyfriend… so attractive 😉 I used a Dead Sea face mask, which you have to remove with a magnet. It is so cool! I would recommend any and all dead sea products especially for people with problematic or sensitive skin. It really does wonders! Wishing you all a great weekend.

XO Kim

The Feast Begins…

DSC_7634copyIt’s that time of the year again, families come together, presents are unwrapped, and most importantly… we eat. We eat a lot. Who can resist the temptations of chocolate, and traditional home-style food? There literally is nothing better than that. Admittedly, I’ve already eaten way, way, way, wayyy more than I should have, and killed my whole diet these past two weeks… guess I will have to crank up the exercise and diets when I go back to Spain soon!

DSC_7630copyThis year for our Channukah/Christmas feast we decided that we wanted the table setting to look a little bit more festive than we normally do. We polished our best silver, bought new candles, added ribbons and pearls, and the end result was pretty damn beautiful if I may say so! One great little effect we added, were little pearls on strings, which we wrapped around the wine glasses. It added a beautiful new dimension to the decorations, and looked beautiful with the candle light.

DSC_7615copyDSC_7609copyOur dinner was a little bit of a mishmosh of different things. Some traditional things such as my Grandmothers amazing and  famous poached pears (my absolute favorite!!), greens, potatoes, but also some non-traditional things such as salmon, and my chocolate dome desert. I wish I had made some pictures of what the food looked like.. but in our family.. you either pile up food on your plate, or you go hungry! My cousins have a special talent for eating.. I’m still not to sure where they put all that food!

DSC_7601copyThe chocolate dome desert was a gorgeous addition to the festive meal. For me, it added a little elegance and sophistication to the dinner. Although I didn’t manage to plate it up as I had desired (everybody wanted food, quickly), it was still delicious.

DSC_7654copyTo make the chocolate dome (take two.. I just typed it all out and somehow it got deleted… imagine my frustration) blow up a balloon and place it on top of a small bowl or a mug to keep it in place. Wipe the surface of the balloon clean, and then using a paper towel and a little bit of sunflower oil, grease the surface of the balloon. Melt the chocolate (au bain marie) and pour into a piping bag with a small nossle. Wait for the chocolate to cool down sufficiently before using (otherwise you will either burn your hands off or pop the balloon). Once the chocolate is at a cold enough temperature to work with, simply pipe the chocolate onto the balloon into the desired pattern. When completed, place the balloon and piped chocolate into the fridge for around 15 minutes to hardened. When hardened, make a tiny incision in the balloon, and gently allow the air to escape. If you do this too quickly, the chocolate will crack. If the balloon has been greased sufficiently, the balloon should detach from the chocolate very easily. Personally, I then placed the chocolate domes in the freezer overnight before using them the next day. This will harden them even more and make them easier to work with when plating up. Remember, warm hands will melt the dome!

For this dessert, I used icecream (either Tiramisu or Mango), fresh berries, small pieces of meringue, and a dollop of whipped cream. I then place the chocolate dome over the whole dessert to create the wow-factor of the dish. Although very simple, its a great method to make a simple dessert look more classy and elegant.

DSC_7657copyFashion wise.. I wore a simple cut rose-gold glitter dress, which my cousin described as a walking Swarovski Christmas Tree… I had to wear black tights under the dress as I have sprained my ankle, and has to be bandaged (very sexy, I know…) This year I therefore opted out of wearing shoes 😉

10843951_1583513938528734_255996884_nI hope you are all having a wonderful festive holiday 🙂

XO Kim

DSC_7665copy10838107_10153455035954937_7191669723064754740_oDSC_7662copyThis post is part of the monthly link up party Our Growing Edge. This event aims to connect food bloggers and inspire us to try new things. This month is hosted by Christine & Kath from Garden Eats


I’m Baaaacckkkk

Hey everybody

I’m baaackkk 🙂 It feels like forever since my last proper blog post! I do apologize! As I’ve mentioned before, I was so swamped with Uni work and exams, and on top of that being ill for almost 3 weeks… not very happy times. Fortunately I have holiday now, and I’m a bit more rested and ready to get back to work.


After a quick pit-stop in Spain, I am now in Holland to celebrate the holidays with my Dutch relatives. Although I should keep up with my diet, the festive food is already tempting me too much. All the chocolate in the supermarkets… ahh… heaven… On the subject of food, I have some great ideas for a desert that I’m dying to try out  in the next few days, but I will keep it a little bit of a surprise until I make it 😀 If all goes to plan, it should look beautiful.

10844030_1510574992528033_378067770_n  10858388_10153415189564937_5136509665897234871_n

I’m trying to think of all the things that have happened over the past few weeks that I still wanted to share, its been a crazy ride, where to start. Perhaps with one of the most exciting things for me personally… I got a message on Instagram from one of my favorite designers!!! Dutch designer Mart Visser! I am blessed enough to be able to own quite a number of pieces from his collections ranging from coats, dresses, jumpers and jeans. They are all such sophisticated and effortlessly chic feminine pieces, and I feel absolutely humbled that he would take the time to send me a message.


On the exercise front, we had a really cool Krav Maga class, where I was given the opportunity to do some photography. We were all asked to wear black long sleeved tops for a knife defense class. The knifes were dipped into chalk so we could clearly see what our weak defense points are. Lets just say.. this exercise just highlighted how much we sucked haha If the exercise was real, I would have a decapitated chest and a Jaime Lanister hand… and my sister would have all her guts removed out of her stomach 😛 It was a fun method to see in which areas we still need to work hard on.

10864829_853713551315941_1259508251_nI’m sure there are waaaay more things to mention, but as it is late at night, I’m having a mind-block as to what else to mention. I do however have a lot more time now to focus on the blog and bring some new and exciting things 🙂

For my Jewish crew out there, I’d already like to wish you all a great Chanukkah which starts tomorrow evening. Chag Sameach!

XO Kim

Bits & Bobs Update

Hello there my lovelies,

I apologize for my lack of posting interesting stuff lately, I’ve been a little busy. I am still first and foremost a University student, and as much as I love, love, love, working on my blog and spending hours in the kitchen creating new things and then photographing them, I have simply not had the time lately. I’m nearing to the end of the year now, with about 2 1/2 weeks left to go until I break up for holiday, so of course, all my uni deadlines are set around this time. Fortunately, the end is near, and then I will finally be able to have a little bit of a breather again and see my family again.

Although my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, (I am Jewish), and I highly doubt we will be celebrating Chanukah properly this year, we still always make the time to get the family together for a nice meal. As you all know, food excites me, and I absolutely cannot wait to try some new things out to show the family. I am a HUGE Masterchef Australia fan, and watching a few of the master-classes on there has given me a few incredible ideas for the dinner. Additionally, cookbooks… ahhhh, what would I do without them!! Thankfully we have a beautiful library right outside my house, so I’ll be popping around there soon to see what they have to offer.


UPDATE: I went to the library and picked up some beautiful items. Of course I had to pick up a French cookbook – Michel Roux – The Essence of French Cooking. Unfortunately the Michel Roux Jr. book that I was looking for wasn’t available today 😦 I absolutely love that man! Additionally I got a Gluten-Free book which has already given me a few great ideas to try out for my sister, then I ran into a Dutch & Belgian cookbook which made me giggle. It’s so nice to have that little bit of home right with me here, just looking at all the recipes made me realize how much I do actually miss Holland. Audrey-Hepburn-Sabrina-Dress-03

For the rest of the afternoon, I had the luxury to stay home (whilst it was raining), cuddled up under a blanket with some coffee, and watched Sabrina. I felt like I needed a little bit of Hollywood glamour in my life today. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t really get more glamorous than Audrey Hepburn in that gorgeous Givenchy dress.  Her timeless elegance and beauty always makes me wish I was born in that time. The romance, men who are actual gentlemen, and women who still have self-respect. Not to make this sound like a rant, but I really do wish people were a little bit more classy nowadays, chivalry shouldn’t be dead. I believe that women such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe will be timeless inspirational women, and perhaps more women should aspire to in a way be more like that. Now obviously we cannot parade around in a ballgown all day, that is not what I mean, but the class and self-respect, intelligence and inner beauty they exude is something that will in essence always be more sexy than an easy woman. Look at our current timeless inspirational women: Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Nathalie Portman, Doutzen Kroes and Emma Watson. All of these women are strong, independent, classy and intelligent women, and all should be an inspiration to women over the world.

XO Kim


To get you in a romantic Friday night mood:

Alexander Wang x H&M Exclusive Launch Party

DSC_7292copyAs promised, a quick update about the Alexander Wang x H&M launch party. I must say, it was hectic, more so than I could have imagined. The hunt for the right sizes of clothes, women trying to push you away, all holding 10 heavy clothing items and a glass of bubbly champagne…

It was an incredible luxury experience, and feel very blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be part of such an exclusive launch party. What more can a woman want… exclusive designer clothing, and a whole collection to choose from, canapés, champagne and… celebrities! I have to admit, I was sort of oblivious to the fact that I was standing next to Ellie Goulding until much later… oh.. and actress Jaime Winstone, who was mobbed by paparazzi outside whilst we were standing next to her. Additionally, I was wondering why so many of the men were so attractive…. yes, they all turned out to be models… Not my most alert night I must say, but nonetheless, it was an absolutely incredible experience and I bought some amazing items. To end the night, we also received a goody bag, the bag in itself was already an incredible gift.. filled with a Team Wang t-shirt, and Wang cookies!

I can only imagine what today must have been like when the collection hit the stores. From what I heard, the London Regent Street store sold out within 15 minutes!

Here are the pieces that I bought at the launch party, and some other snapshots of the night.

XO Kim

DSC_7283copyDSC_7285copy DSC_7288copy DSC_7287copyIMAG2751copy IMAG2757copy  IMAG2777copy IMAG2781copyIMAG2800copy

Valentino Scarf

The beautiful Ellie Goulding:1415226478335_Image_galleryImage_LONDON_ENGLAND_NOVEMBER_0

Actress Jaime Winstone standing next to us:IMAG2787copy IMAG2790copy