Our Growing Edge February Round-up

Hello my dears!

I’m back with a huge post – the February Round-up of Our Growing Edge! It was so exciting reading through all the different entries and experiences of our fellow bloggers. It is great to see so many new tips, experiences, recipes and experiences.

I want to start with the last submission that I received, because it is an extra special one. Paige from Vittles & Voyages went on a cruise holiday to Cuba with man to celebrate their third anniversary of their first date. On the incredible cruise ship, off the coast of Cuba, under the stars, her boyfriend proposed to her! Paige said yes! Oh and the ring, it is absolutely gorgeous!
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Wave After Wave…

I adore these photos for the simple fact that they haven’t been edited. It was one of the most gorgeous days in Spain. The lighting was perfect, the sky was clear and the sea was calm. Every time I look at these photos, it makes me miss home, and makes me realize how absolutely blessed I am to have such a gorgeous garden to our home. There is something so relaxing and refreshing about the ocean and the beach, it always makes me feel like I am on holiday.

DSC_1761copyDSC_1820copyDSC_1797copyDSC_1960copyXO Kim

Come Dine With Me

Hola Hola!

I have had one busyyyy week! Going back to uni the first week is always hectic. Deadlines are set, meetings have to be made, societies need to be run… Trying to get back into the swing of things.

BUT, I do have some exciting things going on 🙂 I started Ballroom Dancing! Ah, it is so fabulous, it is amazing. I didn’t choose to do it as a workout routine, I actually wanted to learn the different dances, but after last class which included the Cha Cha, it really was a workout! Both my sister and I are doing it, at intermediate level at Pineapple Studios. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

10377348_10153599076109937_8403460643969273397_nThe next exciting item on the menu… i dyed my hair brown! I am so excited about this haha, every time I look in the mirror, it’s like a different person there. I’ve been dying my hair blonde for quite a few years now, as I felt that my naturally brunette color was too dark for my complexion. However, after a disastrous hair dye session in Spain… my hair turned orange… woop woop! I got so fed up with it, that I just decided to dye it back to dark, and I would just take things from there. Well… there result isn’t too shabby I think 🙂 Continue reading » » » »

Inspiration: Cesar Farias Sketches

10644944_893916690618697_6760632386163709926_nHello my lovelies,

I’m extremely happy and proud to introduce you guys to one of my best friends: Cesar. We were at University together in London, and he is now based in Mexico. He is an up and coming artist, who in my opinion, is going to go very far with his talent. Without having any formal training, he makes the most beautiful drawings.

1480772_898110280199338_2055856216959330156_nAs a surprise, Cesar had made several ballet inspired drawings which I had printed for my mom as a present. They now hang proudly and beautifully in her ballet studio here in Spain. The dance positions were inspired by the name of the studio L’Attitude, which refers to the ballet pose ‘attitude’.



I’m a sucker for monochrome and minimalistic design, which is evident by the amount of black that I wear, and the neutral color of my bedroom. I love simplistic design with symmetrical lines (my sister will concur on my OCD with this…) and I love the elegance of a room with white and black. Hence why I am hanging these sketches on my walls. They exude class and elegance, making them the perfect center piece for my walls.



If you would like to see more of his art, just head over to his Facebook page.

XO Kim


Relax, Take It Easy…

We had a little spa afternoon with le mother and le sister, before Tess goes back to London again this weekend. Sometimes we just need a girly afternoon together 🙂 Add a bottle of champagne, a bubble-bath, a face mask and some chocolate, and you have the perfect afternoon. What more does a woman need?



Snapchat-3273568676042191014copyThat is so going to get me a boyfriend… so attractive 😉 I used a Dead Sea face mask, which you have to remove with a magnet. It is so cool! I would recommend any and all dead sea products especially for people with problematic or sensitive skin. It really does wonders! Wishing you all a great weekend.

XO Kim