Let’s Get Sporty With Fanatics

Hello my lovelies,

This week I was up for challenging myself a little. I was inspired to create a ‘luxe sporty’ look with an NFL jersey from Fanatics Sports Apparel. A sports jersey is the perfect essential for creating a sport luxe look and should really be the base for your whole look. Personally, as I am Dutch, I don’t know much about the NFL and the SuperBowl, except for what entertainment there is going to be and what controversial commercials there have been. But, I did find this proposition really interesting to create a sporty look with a luxury feel to it. A lot of people feel uninspired or don’t know where to start when creating a look that is based on sports garments, but I hope to be able to give a few tips to you all.

Not all women want to be decked out in NFL gear with tracksuit bottoms, so I wanted to have a slightly more fashionable take on sports wear. I have previously worn a look with a sport jersey from Alexander Wang, which was a very relaxed look, but slightly more fashionable than your average sports wear. So inspired by this, I was happy to take on this new and exciting challenge!

Fanatics Look2As I mentioned, I don’t know much about the teams and the players… (Except for Tom Brady.. who doesn’t know who he is 😉 ) So as I browsed through the Fanatics website, my main goal was to find a jersey that I would wear regardless of the team. I looked at colour schemes and designs that I felt would be most flattering for women. I loved the look of this jersey not only because of its platinum colour, but because of the darker side panels that it features. As a woman with curves, the darker panels will slim you down, making the illusion of an hourglass figure.

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